Afraid of spiders? The solution is here!

Everyone senses that spiders seem to grow larger and more widespread when late summer approaches. It is a prospect many people dread. Last year’s heatwave in the UK saw the advent of a formidable increase in spider numbers, which undoubtedly led to many screams and shocks. But now, there’s finally a useful tool for those moments of terror.  When you find yourself confronting an eight-legged friend, a spider catcher can be an ideal solution!

 A spider catcher is an ingenious contraption to catch a spider, trap it within a plastic chamber and then remove it from the premises with no mess at all.  This means that there is no need to approach the spider with your bare hands, allowing the insect to be efficiently moved with minimal fuss. Some of you might be concerned about killing spiders, others might not really mind. Either way, an efficient catcher allows you to deal with the problem swiftly and smoothly without any mess or moral dilemma.

Versatility is the magic word

spider catcher

And you don’t just have to use it as a shield for your arachnophobia either! You can use it to trap bees, mosquitoes, moths and other unwanted visitors in your home or elsewhere. Many have taken the gadget on holiday to protect themselves against other insects, particularly in hot countries.  A catcher is also ideal as a novelty gift for that one friend of yours who shrieks in horror at the sight of any creepy crawlies.

Giving you the ability to move quickly and from a distance, a spider catcher allows the issue of unwelcome insects to be solved quickly.

Gone are the days of avoiding rooms because you know a spider is there!

No more need for your other half to come to your rescue!

You can be self-sufficient and your own hero next time you are faced with an unwanted guest.