Adding Value to Your Home: What You Need to Know

Many people struggle when it comes to selling their home, simply because they can’t reach the value they were hoping for. However, there are many different ways cheap and expensive, on how you can add value to your home and get the price you want.

Conservatory – Building a conservatory can add around 7% value to your home, this is massive, many people think that conservatories will cost a lot of money to build and decorate, however that can cost as little as £5,000. Many people love conservatories and a lot of houses now have them, this is because people can enjoy their garden whilst being sat in the comfort of their own home.

Heating – If you do not have central heating already, then it is essential for you to put it in. Many people won’t buy a home if there hasn’t got central heating already installed, therefore it adds a huge amount of value to your home.

Garages – If you don’t want to add an extension to your home then why not simply just turn the garage into living space. This is a great way of making your home look bigger, not only do many garages not even contain a car, but if you do want that extra space to store your garden equipment – then why not invest in a shed, this way you can have the best of both worlds, whilst adding value to your home.

Painting – This is a cheaper way of adding value to your home, because all you have to do is re-paint the house and it will look remarkably better and often brighter, perfect for house viewings.

Fireplaces – If you don’t have a fireplace then we advise you to get one, especially in your living room. On the winter nights a fireplace can really create a warm atmosphere and a lot of people love having them. This can be a simple way of adding value to your home and making your living room looks extra homely.

Kitchen and Bathroom – Many people love a good kitchen and bathroom, so why don’t you get a new kitchen and bathroom, if you can afford. However, if this is too steep, then you could even re-decorate by re-painting and adding new appliances and furniture.

Knocking Walls – By knocking walls down you can make your home look a lot bigger, modern houses have now got open-plan rooms because it is simply what people prefer. Not only this but even by adding little things as small as mirrors can make rooms look a lot bigger.

Garden – An attractive garden is often what attracts people to a home first, so make sure there is a place to chill, for example a patio and a decking and also don’t forget and adding a lot of flowers to make the garden look bright and colourful. In addition to this, if you have a large front garden then why not consider tarmacking the lawn up and creating a larger parking space outside your home.