Strongroom Design

There Are No Restrictions on Strongroom Designs

Good Strongroom Design for Ease and Peace of Mind

The definitions of strong are powerful, difficult, mighty, unstoppable, force, resilient and formidable.

The definitions of room are cell, space and division, separated from other rooms by walls, ceiling and floor.

The definitions of design are makeup and draw plans.

A strongroom design can be custom made to a client’s specific requirements. A strongroom is usually prefabricated in a factory and made up in a home, office or outside space.

Strongrooms are built for people who:

  • Need high security
  • Require protection for wealth and possessions
  • Live in fire danger areas
  • Have a fear of ambush

Clients could want a strongroom design specifically to protect their valuables and or cash. Strongrooms can also be designed to protect the occupants against fire or burglars and concrete filled panels will insure the safety of whatever is inside the walls.

Prefabricated strongrooms are designed specifically for easy installation at any location. They can be installed below ground level, upstairs, outside or in almost any space the client would choose.

There are many shapes and sizes of strongrooms available to suit any purpose. There are plenty of options for the door of the vault and many different lock designs to choose from. Strongroom companies can cater for all budgets and insurance costs could also be reduced with the addition of a strongroom to a property.

Strongrooms can also be called panic rooms and panic rooms are not just for domestic use. They can also be important for people that work in unpredictable circumstances. Shipping and other commercial locations can be under constant threat of invasion, also some Government sectors could have a use for a strongroom/panic room.

Grill gates are also recommended when a strongroom is designed. This is so it can be closed behind the person inside the vault to protect them from unwanted visitors.

All Strongroom designs should include good ventilation in case the vault door is closed with someone inside. Only a reputable strongroom builder should be employed and this will guarantee the safety requirements are at the highest possible level.


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