A Few Things to Consider When Moving House

When moving house there are so many things to remember and you would be surprised how often people forget things. Therefore, we thought that we would list just a few of the things to keep in mind when moving:

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  • Label your boxes and make lists recording what is in each individual box or container.
  • If you have pets try to arrange for someone to look after them on moving day.
  • Don’t forget to defrost fridge and freezer at least one day before the move, but ideally around one week.
  • If you have plants try and arrange with someone to look after them for you until you are settled in as dust and paint fumes can often affect them.

And there’s lots more top tips too, if you would like to see more you can visit the website Top Removals website. Top Removals are a house removals London company who have a great reputation for assisting in the most ultimate, quick and efficient moves. With many years’ experience they hold the knowledge to provide the most leading big and small moves, see their website here: www.top-removals.co.uk

Five health benefits of swimming in cold water


If you’re lucky enough to have your very own outdoor pool, chances are that you don’t make the most out of it during the winter period. The cold weather and even colder water is enough to put people off – but if you knew the benefits that a cold dip can bring, you might change your mind and jump right in!

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Here are just 5 of the health benefits swimming in old water could bring you:

  1. Swimming in chilled water makes you feel better. How? The water stimulates cells just beneath the skin, increasing heart rate and giving you a physical boost
  2. Cold water is a natural pain killer. Cells act like cold sensors, triggering bursts of adrenaline and diverting attention away from any aches and pains that you may have
  3. Swimming in cold water can help you lose weight as it makes your body work twice as hard to try and keep you warm – enabling you to lose more calories in the same period of time
  4. Cold water swims can boost your immune system and help your body fight infections
  5. Swimming in cold water can even lead to better sex! This is because it causes a rise in testosterone and oestrogen

Make the most of your pool


If you are now thinking about having a cool swim the first thing you need to do is make sure that your pool is safe. If you are looking for a new pool surround, leading suppliers London Stone are sure to have a perfect option for you. Their coping stones will not only provide you with a safe flooring solution but will also enhance the look of your pool and add value to your home! Please feel free to contact them today on 01753 212 950 to speak to a member of their team.

Afraid of spiders? The solution is here!

Everyone senses that spiders seem to grow larger and more widespread when late summer approaches. It is a prospect many people dread. Last year’s heatwave in the UK saw the advent of a formidable increase in spider numbers, which undoubtedly led to many screams and shocks. But now, there’s finally a useful tool for those moments of terror.  When you find yourself confronting an eight-legged friend, a spider catcher can be an ideal solution!

 A spider catcher is an ingenious contraption to catch a spider, trap it within a plastic chamber and then remove it from the premises with no mess at all.  This means that there is no need to approach the spider with your bare hands, allowing the insect to be efficiently moved with minimal fuss. Some of you might be concerned about killing spiders, others might not really mind. Either way, an efficient catcher allows you to deal with the problem swiftly and smoothly without any mess or moral dilemma.

Versatility is the magic word

spider catcher

And you don’t just have to use it as a shield for your arachnophobia either! You can use it to trap bees, mosquitoes, moths and other unwanted visitors in your home or elsewhere. Many have taken the gadget on holiday to protect themselves against other insects, particularly in hot countries.  A catcher is also ideal as a novelty gift for that one friend of yours who shrieks in horror at the sight of any creepy crawlies.

Giving you the ability to move quickly and from a distance, a spider catcher allows the issue of unwelcome insects to be solved quickly.  Gone are the days of avoiding rooms because you know a spider is there! No more need for your other half to come to your rescue! You can be self-sufficient and your own hero next time you are faced with an unwanted guest.

The Betterware solution

A prime example of a company who provide a superior spider catcher, is Betterware. The innovative design and convenience of the product is testament to their many years of working to address customer needs. After all, Betterware are a highly experienced home shopping company and have been keeping customers satisfied for nearly a century. They are renowned for their extensive range of homeware and garden products, all incorporating their exceptional customer service. You can contact them directly on – 0121 796 1150.

Grow the Biggest and Juiciest Produce with the Use of Hydroponics



It’s possible for anyone to grow their own produce today, thanks to the range of products available so people can grow inside or outside. To get great results every time, one of the best ways to grow plants and crops is through the use of hydroponics.

Growing with Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients, without the need for soil. They are ideal for those who want to grow all year round, as the growing process is inside, be it a shed or your own home space. Special lighting and temperature controls are available too so you can help influence the growth of the plants to get the best results possible!

The process of hydroponics has been taken up across the world, with areas in the world such as Kenya using it to maintain a steady flow of produce harvests, as otherwise the conditions of the soil there would cause a constant failure of crops, something you don’t get with hydroponics, which also takes up less space!

For an online hydroponics shop to find everything you need to get started, One Stop Grow Shop is the site to visit.

One Stop Grow Shop

Grow Kits   Complete Grow Kits

One Stop Grow Shop is a leading UK supplier of hydroponics equipment, and offer a great range at competitive prices. Starter kits are available so even novices to the world of hydroponics can easily get into the hobby, and growth results are easy thanks to the range of top quality nutrients and boosters available on the site. When it comes to bringing out the best result for your fruit and vegetables, One Stop Grow Shop have exactly what you need, without it costing an arm and a leg!

To view the full range of hydroponic equipment and nutrients available at One Stop Grow Shop, visit the company’s website today, and prepare to enjoy the largest and juiciest fruit and veg you’ve ever had!

Bring Circulation Back To Your Heating with Speedy Gas London

Power Flush Services London


Sometimes you may notice the radiators in the house losing their heat. This can lead to a belief that something must be wrong with the heat system in place, but while there is an issue, it isn’t one which will end in a full on replacement or repair to the heating system. When a heater loses its warmth, it requires something called powerflushing, and a gas engineer can help bring the warmth to your lukewarm heaters.

Flushing out The Cold

Over time, radiators are clogged up with material which can break the circulation of the heat. With powerflushing an engineer can come out to drain these fluids, while cleaning out the materials inside the radiator. It’s a process which requires a Gas Safe Registered engineer to perform safely and with top results, and Speedy Gas Services offer power flush services in London for those in need of assistance.

Speedy Gas London provide this service with a no callout cost in the East London, North London and some parts of Central London, and when they use powerflushing to remove the junk and improve the circulation, they’ll even check the whole system to make sure everything is in full working order.

Power Flushing with Speedy Gas London

Speedy Gas London is a leading boiler installation and plumbing company, providing boiler installations, replacements and repairs, plus plumbing and gas services, including powerflushing. The company are Gas Safe Registered, the identification number being #530035, and have trade certificates for Energy Efficient Part L and Part P Electrics, and Combustion Performance Analysis.

These certificates and registrations display the legitimacy and knowledge of the company, and the services are performed at competitive prices, making Speedy Gas London the ideal company to approach for any heat related problems.

For more information on the services provided by Speedy Gas London, visit the company’s website today and contact a member of the team to bring some heat into your home.

Sustainable sandstone paving materials from London Stone


London Stone

In light of the influx in homeowners looking to brighten up their outdoor areas, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of quality stone providers in the United Kingdom. Renewing a patio area, rear yard or garden can be so very rewarding and it’s now easier and more affordable than ever.

There is every reason to spend a little extra when renovating an outdoor area of your home, just as it is important to make your own personal touches inside your house. You want to be able to come home and find pleasure relaxing in your garden, having known that you have worked hard to achieve a slice of calm in your busy schedule. By far one of the most effective ways to establish patio areas or pathways as your own is to consider fresh sandstone paving.

As it is one of the most common types of natural stone produced, sandstone offers a broad range of possibilities for homeowners, contractors, architects and landscape designers. When used correctly there can be literally an endless array of possibilities for the many types of sandstone, each of which can be cut specifically to suit the individual needs of a customer.

Offering a sure footing for applications such as kitchen floors or outdoor swimming pool surrounds, sandstone is a dynamic material that excels in all applications. It can easily be honed to suit bespoke installations, whether looking for a particular profile to replace existing stone work or to create something truly unique for your garden area, perhaps a fire pit surround or paving around a pond.

If you’re searching for quality materials for your home or garden then London Stone – the country’s top provider of stone products – can help.

Discover the beauty of sandstone paving with the UK’s leading stone experts at London Stone today and let your imagination flow. Visit  – www.londonstone.co.uk/stone-paving/sandstone-paving/ for more information.

Two tips to keep your double glazing good as new

Installing double glazing can do wonders for keeping noise levels down and helping to keep your house warm but once installed you still need to make sure that your double glazed windows are well maintained. Below are two quality tips for keeping your windows in peak condition.


Fight the damp – Damp is a big problem and it can negatively affect your double glazing. It’s important to make sure you tackle and signs of dampness in your house to make sure that your windows and house and kept in top condition. An easy way to do this is to tackle condensation by installing a humidifier.


Clean your windows – If you don’t take care of your windows and allow dirt to build up it can cause long lasting damage to your windows. Be sure to clean your windows and hire a window cleaner if needs be for your outside windows.



Install double glazing this December and keep the cold out

The mercury has dropped throughout the UK and winter is well and truly here – and that can bring with it a financial headache if your house isn’t protected from the cold, because you can end up spending more than you would like to on energy bills.


You can fight back against high energy bills in the winter months by installing quality double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are highly effective in keeping heat within your home and keeping the freezing temperatures outside. You can save thousands over the course of years if you have double glazed windows in your house.


One company selling double glazed windows at great prices is Manchester-based Malbern Windows.

Site accommodation is becoming a valuable attribute for most industries.

Site accommodation is fast becoming a valuable attribute for almost any industry. Site accommodation or portable buildings provide you with a fast and secure working environment to a sturdy anti-vandal unit allowing you the ability to provide an office environment or fast and effective building no matter the situation.


The range of portable buildings available is suitable for any environment. The portable buildings come either as a used facility or brand spanking new with the additional options of refurbishment. The portable buildings come delivered direct with a selection of modular, anti-vandal, storage or jackleg cabins. These high class units are manufactured to the highest standards with double glazing, heating, lighting, vinyl flooring and are fully RCD protected.

All the Portable Buildings available are built to withstand any location.

Portable accommodation offers you a flexible array of relocatable portable buildings for all manner industries and usages. The choice available is outstanding from a basic storage facility to complex office formatted layouts including all the latest in amenities such as features as showers, toilets, kitchens and much more.


All the portacabins are delivered direct to any location throughout the UK and are available at very reasonable rates. Each portacabin can come fully refurbished and can be converted to accommodate a range of facilities such as canteens, office units and more. They are all built in such a way to withstand any location especially where security is a major concern. These sturdy and robust portable buildings are manufactured from heavy duty steel making the units virtually impregnable.