Moving House? Here’s Some Top Tips

Moving house has previously been labelled as stressful by many; however it does not have to be this way and can in fact be quite a delightful and enjoyable experience, if you let it. With many things to consider, people often when panic when moving but it is vital for all to keep calm and do everything in as much advance as possible. Here are just a few of the available tips for all looking to move house in the near future:

  • Set a moving date as early as you can. Contacts are typically competed for everyone on a Friday; therefore Friday could be a very busy day to move so if possible, try to book a house removals London company to assist you mid-week. Not only will the roads be quieter but also the removals firm will be less likely to be booked up.
  • Choose your removals firm carefully, not only getting a range of different quotes from various removals companies but also ensuring to look at what is included in each quote. Take time checking reviews from all the companies and also ask friends and relatives about their experiences with removals firms. When speaking to a removals firm, in detail let them know what you need moving etc. so they can provide you with the most accurate quote.
  • Start to pack your belongings up in as much advance as possible so that nothing is left until last minute. Pack one room at a time, labeling each box so that it can be taken straight to the correct room upon arrival at the new house. Leave out all things that you are likely to need until last minute and also pack an essentials box which can be quickly accessed and opened at the new home. This could contain toilet roll, coffee, a kettle, milk, sugar and anything else that you are going to require.
  • Make sure that you notify everyone regarding your move including the local council, your bank, your doctors, your employer, your home insurer, your dentist and anyone else that will need to know.
  • On moving day, if you have children or pets, if possible try and arrange for someone to look after these for you. This will not only lessen the stress but also make them feel more comfortable.

These of course are only some of the available tips however. If you require more, take a quick look online and we are sure that you will be able to find plenty more. Also, after you have chosen a removals firm to assist you, they will be able to provide you with leading guidance!

Moving house? Here are some things you may have forgotten

Planning a house move? It is imperative that you see this time as a new adventure and something that you can enjoy. But don’t forget that in order for your move to go smoothly, there are a number of factors that you need to plan efficiently including the following:

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  1. Make sure that when moving, all of the paperwork that you might need is in one, easy-to-access place to avoid having to rummage for things upon arrival.
  2. Make sure that you not only take all of your dismantled furniture to your new home, but also all of the tools that you are going to need to put them back together. It is good practice to keep relevant tools with relevant pieces.
  3. Start to pack up your home in as much advance as possible because it is a much longer process than many think.
  4. Pack your rooms one at a time, labeling each box clearly using a market pen so that when you get to your new house they can go straight to the correct rooms. Also pack an ‘essentials’ box containing all of the items that you are going immediately need.
  5. Make sure that you use a professional and highly reputable company to assist you, as they known all of the best ways to do things and also all of the best routes to take. For example, if you are looking for removals in London, don’t hesitate to heck out Safe Removals.


A Few Things to Consider When Moving House

When moving house there are so many things to remember and you would be surprised how often people forget things. Therefore, we thought that we would list just a few of the things to keep in mind when moving:

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  • Label your boxes and make lists recording what is in each individual box or container.
  • If you have pets try to arrange for someone to look after them on moving day.
  • Don’t forget to defrost fridge and freezer at least one day before the move, but ideally around one week.
  • If you have plants try and arrange with someone to look after them for you until you are settled in as dust and paint fumes can often affect them.

And there’s lots more top tips too, if you would like to see more you can visit the website Top Removals website. Top Removals are a house removals London company who have a great reputation for assisting in the most ultimate, quick and efficient moves. With many years’ experience they hold the knowledge to provide the most leading big and small moves, see their website here:

Five health benefits of swimming in cold water

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own outdoor pool, chances are that you don’t make the most out of it during the winter period. The cold weather and even colder water is enough to put people off – but if you knew the benefits that a cold dip can bring, you might change your mind and jump right in!

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Here are just 5 of the health benefits swimming in old water could bring you:

  1. Swimming in chilled water makes you feel better. How? The water stimulates cells just beneath the skin, increasing heart rate and giving you a physical boost
  2. Cold water is a natural pain killer. Cells act like cold sensors, triggering bursts of adrenaline and diverting attention away from any aches and pains that you may have
  3. Swimming in cold water can help you lose weight as it makes your body work twice as hard to try and keep you warm – enabling you to lose more calories in the same period of time
  4. Cold water swims can boost your immune system and help your body fight infections
  5. Swimming in cold water can even lead to better sex! This is because it causes a rise in testosterone and oestrogen

Make the most of your pool


If you are now thinking about having a cool swim the first thing you need to do is make sure that your pool is safe. If you are looking for a new pool surround, leading suppliers London Stone are sure to have a perfect option for you. Their coping stones will not only provide you with a safe flooring solution but will also enhance the look of your pool and add value to your home! Please feel free to contact them today on 01753 212 950 to speak to a member of their team.

Afraid of spiders? The solution is here!

Everyone senses that spiders seem to grow larger and more widespread when late summer approaches. It is a prospect many people dread. Last year’s heatwave in the UK saw the advent of a formidable increase in spider numbers, which undoubtedly led to many screams and shocks. But now, there’s finally a useful tool for those moments of terror.  When you find yourself confronting an eight-legged friend, a spider catcher can be an ideal solution!

 A spider catcher is an ingenious contraption to catch a spider, trap it within a plastic chamber and then remove it from the premises with no mess at all.  This means that there is no need to approach the spider with your bare hands, allowing the insect to be efficiently moved with minimal fuss. Some of you might be concerned about killing spiders, others might not really mind. Either way, an efficient catcher allows you to deal with the problem swiftly and smoothly without any mess or moral dilemma.

Versatility is the magic word

spider catcher

And you don’t just have to use it as a shield for your arachnophobia either! You can use it to trap bees, mosquitoes, moths and other unwanted visitors in your home or elsewhere. Many have taken the gadget on holiday to protect themselves against other insects, particularly in hot countries.  A catcher is also ideal as a novelty gift for that one friend of yours who shrieks in horror at the sight of any creepy crawlies.

Giving you the ability to move quickly and from a distance, a spider catcher allows the issue of unwelcome insects to be solved quickly.  Gone are the days of avoiding rooms because you know a spider is there! No more need for your other half to come to your rescue! You can be self-sufficient and your own hero next time you are faced with an unwanted guest.

Grow the Biggest and Juiciest Produce with the Use of Hydroponics


It’s possible for anyone to grow their own produce today, thanks to the range of products available so people can grow inside or outside. To get great results every time, one of the best ways to grow plants and crops is through the use of hydroponics.

Growing with Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients, without the need for soil. They are ideal for those who want to grow all year round, as the growing process is inside, be it a shed or your own home space. Special lighting and temperature controls are available too so you can help influence the growth of the plants to get the best results possible!

The process of hydroponics has been taken up across the world, with areas in the world such as Kenya using it to maintain a steady flow of produce harvests, as otherwise the conditions of the soil there would cause a constant failure of crops, something you don’t get with hydroponics, which also takes up less space!

For an online hydroponics shop to find everything you need to get started, One Stop Grow Shop is the site to visit.

One Stop Grow Shop

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One Stop Grow Shop is a leading UK supplier of hydroponics equipment, and offer a great range at competitive prices. Starter kits are available so even novices to the world of hydroponics can easily get into the hobby, and growth results are easy thanks to the range of top quality nutrients and boosters available on the site. When it comes to bringing out the best result for your fruit and vegetables, One Stop Grow Shop have exactly what you need, without it costing an arm and a leg!

To view the full range of hydroponic equipment and nutrients available at One Stop Grow Shop, visit the company’s website today, and prepare to enjoy the largest and juiciest fruit and veg you’ve ever had!